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  • USGA compliant computation.
  • Online, At Club, Kiosk and Mobile scoring.
  • Peace of mind reliability.
  • Powering over 2,500 golf clubs.
  • Used by more than 450,000 golfers.
  • World class TMS Software.
GolfNet's Tournament Management Software puts you in control: manage every aspect of your event, save time and money, and produce outstanding results.

  • Professional printing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Straightforward approach
  • Time saving features
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Professional Statistics
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Deep Scorecard Analysis
"I used to get discouraged with what I thought was inconsistent golf scores. Then I established a USGA handicap to which takes into account the difficulty of each course I play. Turns out, I was much more consistent than I thought. It was just the course difficulty moving my acutal score." -- Jack in West End, NC
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Mind-2-Motion: Online Video Learning System

M2M is a Learning System is divided into three Phases. Phase One is designed to establish the crucial link between mind and body, with the use of 10 cue words/key motions that compile the perfect swing. Phase One educates the golfer on "how" the body is designed to work and you will learn the perfect set up, how to get your back to the target, every time, transfer weight properly and master the downswing motion of the hips.

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"Alison's approach to golf fitness will help any golfer to improve their game."
-- Justin Leonard, PGA Tour Professional
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StrackaLine is the patented technology for tracking the exact slopes and breaks of a golf courses's putting green.

Using a top of the line laser from the land surveying industry, this advanced technology scans the surface of the green for millions of data points that are accurate to the millimeter to pick up even the most subtle elevation changes. This takes the plum bobbing and guesswork out of reading your putt and brings your golf game into the 21st century.

Screen Shots

Professional golfers, their caddies, amateurs, and even beginners new to the game agree. This new technology is revolutionizing the way to interpret how a ball will break. Never misread another putt with StrackaLine. Download the app now for iOS in the iTunes App Store.

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Automated Hole Location Software

StrackaLine brings state of the art pin placement technology to your mobile device and to your club's proshop.

  • Automated daily pin placements.
  • Maximize green's surface area.
  • Healthier Greens & Reduced Maintentance Cost.
  • Instant pinsheet printing.
  • Pins displayed on StrackaLine mobile app.
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